A carousel/gallery/map/list extension that can use the TYPO3 categories and different jQuery-plugins like Slick or Isotope. Bootstrap 4 support. Indexer for ke_search.

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v11.3.1 2023-01-12 10:14 UTC


version 11.3.1

A carousel/gallery/map/list extension that can use the TYPO3 categories and different jQuery-plugins like Slick. Bootstrap 4 support. Indexer for ke_search. Many features.

You find the documentation at docs.typo3.org: https://docs.typo3.org/p/quizpalme/camaliga/master/en-us/ and https://docs.typo3.org/p/quizpalme/camaliga/master/de-de/

New in version 11.0:

  • Now for TYPO3 11 LTS too. Support for TYPO3 9 dropped.
  • Using the Openstreetmap-API for finding a position is now possible too.
  • Breaking: Template Fractionslider removed (use fp_fractionslider instead)! Template nanogallery2 added.
  • Breaking: Slug-task replaced with a Slug-command. You should delete the task before updating.
  • Breaking: the old variable {fal} removed.
  • Bugfix: don´t ignore selected pages on category-search.
  • Bugfix: content-Viewhelper repaired for composer-mode.
  • Bugfix for TYPO3 11.5: folder css renamed to Css and plugin-icon is now in Resources/Public/Icons.

New in version 11.1:

  • Replacement of the Viewhelper cam:addPublicResources. It is now deprecated. Use f:asset.css or f:asset.script instead.
  • New method for changing the page title and the metatags. Utility PageTitle removed.
  • Bugfix for TYPO3 11 (e.g. backend-layout adapted for TYPO3 11.) and PHP 8.

Version 11.2:

  • ke_search Indexer needs now at least ke_search version 4.0.0.
  • searchCoordinatesInBE added to the extension configuration. Searching for coordinates is now possible in the BE too.
  • Important refactoring: clearing cache is necessary after update!
  • Bugfix für PHP 8.

Version 11.3:

  • Setting extendedCategoryMode added. Empty category entries will be ignored at the search options.
  • Bugfix: metadata for images now working again.
  • Bugfix: don´t ignore given storage PIDs in the show actions. Prevent viewing all camaliga-entries at one place.

Version 11.3.1:

  • Bugfix for PHP 8.