A modular based management system written in JavaScript and PHP

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Copyright PCSG OhG

www.pcsg.de - www.quiqqer.com


Modular design. Convenient backend, Fast implementation. The all-around carefree Enterprise Content Management System. QUIQQER is more than just a CMS. It contains a multitude of useful tools that are not yet available in this form.

QUIQQER was written to quickly implement SaaS, e-commerce shops, or web applications. Its code base consists of JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS and XML. It is developed and maintained by PCSG - Computer & Internet Service OHG a modern IT agency based in beautiful Solingen Germany.


QUIQQER has a multitude of features and possibilities. Here is a small overview of what QUIQQER has to offer.

  • Template System with Layouts
  • Internal control system (components) via JavaScript and PHP
  • Modular based management system
  • Internal Package Management via composer
    • Bridge to npm and bower
      • This makes it possible to access 100000's packages
  • Easy XML Module API (https://dev.quiqqer.com/quiqqer/quiqqer/wikis/home#xml-dateien-in-quiqqer)
  • Event-based system
  • Expandable with lots of modules (http://store.quiqqer.com/)
  • The Main Source is completely open-source and free
  • The basic system has been all-important modules for a professional presence or web project
    • Bricks (own component template system)
    • Cron System
    • Lots of controls (components)
    • E-Mail System (with E-Mail Queue)
    • User / Group / Permission management
    • Multidomain and multilingual capable
    • Creating multiple projects
  • and many more...

Installation / Usage

Download and install QUIQQER by following the official instructions.


You can find and get help and information in different ways

Contribute & Support

You would like to help but don't know how or where? We have written a Contribution Guide especially for you. Here are all the steps in how and where you can help us. We are looking forward to you.

To the Contribution Guide:

We use our own Gitlab instance, if you find bugs or miss features, please write us there. Github serves as a mirror and backup.


  • GPL-3.0+

Thank you

QUIQQER would of course, not exist without the help of some busy developers and projects. With this in mind, we would like to say thank you to the many software packages which already exist and will be further developed.

Of course we forgot some of them and can't list everything here. For all the lines of code, we forgot we say thank you for the great work.

Henning and Moritz from PCSG & QUIQQER