Bring Symfony's Var-Dump Server to Hyperf

v1.2.1 2021-07-22 01:30 UTC

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Last update: 2022-07-22 04:21:33 UTC



Bring Symfony's Var-Dump Server to Hyperf.

This package will give you a dump server, that collects all your dump call outputs, so that it does not interfere with HTTP / API responses.

中文文档 / Chinese document


Under your project folder and run the command in terminal:

composer require --dev qiutuleng/hyperf-dump-server

Publish the dump-server.php configuration file using vendor:publish command :

php bin/hyperf.php vendor:publish qiutuleng/hyperf-dump-server


Start the dump server by calling the hyperf command:

php bin/hyperf.php dump-server

You can set the output format to HTML using the --format option:

php bin/hyperf.php dump-server --format=html > dump.html

⚠️Do not use the dd method in your hyperf project, because it kills the Hyperf process, Use the dump method instead.


This extension package refers to the laravel-dump-server package released by beyondcode organization

Thank beyondcode organization and all its contributors for this great contribution.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.