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api starter kit

dev-master 2016-07-11 11:12 UTC

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Last update: 2020-07-24 19:47:34 UTC


restful api library with laravel or lumen.


To install this package you will need:

  • Laravel 5.1+ or Lumen 5.1+
  • PHP 5.5.9+

You must then modify your composer.json file and run composer update to include the latest version of the package in your project.

"require": {
    "qijitech/api-starter-kit": "dev-master"


Open config/app.php and register the required service provider above your application providers.

'providers' => [

If you'd like to make configuration changes in the configuration file you can pubish it with the following Aritsan command:

php artisan vendor:publish


"require": {
    "qijitech/api-starter-kit": "dev-lumen"

Open bootstrap/app.php and register the required service provider.


Sample Code

You can find the sample code here. Note that you'll need to run composer install to install all the dependencies.