Fork of guzzlehttp/guzzle compatible with PHP 5.2+.

v4.2.2 2014-09-23 22:33 UTC


Fork of guzzle/guzzle compatible with PHP 5.2+.


guzzle/guzzle is a mature and advanced HTTP client library, but it's only compatible with PHP 5.4+. Unfortunately, only 25% of all servers are running PHP 5.4+ (source). It would be a shame to exempt this library from most of the world's servers just because of a few version incompatibilities.

Once PHP 5.4+ adoption levels near closer to 100%, this library will be retired.

Differences from guzzle/guzzle

The primary difference is naming conventions of the Guzzle classes. Instead of the \GuzzleHttp\ namespace (and sub-namespaces), prefix the Guzzle class names with puzzle and follow the PEAR naming convention.

A few examples of class naming conversions:

\GuzzleHttp\Client                     ----->    puzzle_Client
\GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface     ----->    puzzle_stream_StreamInterface
\GuzzleHttp\Adapter\Curl\CurlFactory   ----->    puzzle_adapter_curl_CurlFactory


This package can be installed easily using Composer. Simply add the following to the composer.json file at the root of your project:

      "require": {
        "puzzlehttp/puzzle": "~4.0"

Then install your dependencies using composer install.

Releases and Versioning

Releases are synchronized with the upstream Guzzle repository. e.g. puzzlehttp/puzzle v4.0.1 has merged the code from guzzle/guzzle v4.0.1.