Inserts a custom styled Twitter feed on any SilverStripe page, uses Twitter API v1.1

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Allows you to add a custom styled Twitter feed to any page on your SilverStripe website.

The module uses the new Twitter v1.1 API to grab a specified number of tweets from a specified user, allowing you to output them to custom HTML in a template.

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  • Silverstripe 3.1+

Installation Instructions

  1. Add the twitter-feed directory to the root of your SS install.

  2. Go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps and Create a new application. Then click Create my access token, you'll then have a key, a token, and a secret for each.

  3. Add the following lines to your _config.php:

     // Allows you to have a Twitter feed on any page.
     Object::add_extension('Page', 'TwitterFeed'); 
     // Fill in the following from your Twitter Application:
     TwitterFeed::set_username('twitter'); // The Twitter username to get the feed from
     TwitterFeed::set_tweetcount('4'); // The max number of tweets to display
  4. Use the included TwitterFeed.ss as an example for creating your HTML for the template. Important: This basic example is designed to be used as a starting point, and does not meet Twitter's new strict Developer Display Requirements: https://dev.twitter.com/terms/display-requirements Please make sure the way you display the Twitter feed meets these requirments or your Twitter app may be banned.


Thanks to Matt Bailey's SilverStripe Widget: https://github.com/matt-bailey/

And Matt Harris's Twitter OAuth Library: https://github.com/themattharris/tmhOAuth