A simple calendar page module

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Provides basic "calendar page" functionality to a SilverStripe site.

Designed to provide a simple, fool-proof way for users to add calendar events to a page on their website.

This module has been designed to have just the minimum required features, to avoid bloat, but can be easily extended to add new fields if required.

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  • Silverstripe 4.4+
  • Use the 1.0 branch for SilverStripe 3.1 support

Installation Instructions

  1. composer require purplespider/basic-calendar
  2. Log in the CMS, and create a new Calendar Page page.


  • An Event has a Title, Date, Time, Description & Image
  • GridField to manage events
  • Option to make the Manage Events tab the default fro the page
  • Option to also display events from other Calendar Pages - So you can have several mini calendars, and a main one.
  • Link for users to view Past or Future events.
  • Past Events are displayed on a separate CMS tab, so they stay out of your way.