This is a Backbone to build simple app with Flight

1.0.2 2015-01-17 00:00 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-02 13:45:22 UTC


Backbone to build a simple Flight App


FlightPilot is just a backbone to build a Flight App. Therefore you'll need to know Flight from mikecao. You can install FlightPilot with composer : php composer.phar create-project purplebabar/flightpilot path/to/your/project


In the app/config folder you'll be able to congfigure your app. The config.yml is used to override Flight parameters. The smarty/smarty.conf is used to override Smarty parameters.


Every php file in the src/Routing folder will be loaded.


Errors are displayed in a template that you can modify to suit your needs. If you change the views path, let the Errors folder in or recreate one in order to personnalize them. To personnalize an error, just create a file named (code).tpl in the Views/Errors folder.

Template Engine

Smarty is the template engine.


Assets must be placed in the web folder and be called with th following path: 'http://{$smarty.server.SERVER_NAME}/path/to/your/file.format'