Non-PHP! Everything you need to get a LAMP-based Puppet/Vagrant VM up and running in seconds!

v2.0.6 2013-06-21 07:08 UTC


This repo has been abandoned and will no longer receive updates. Create your own VM using www.puphpet.com

Vagrant/Puppet LAMP

This will create a basic VM for local development, without crapping up your daily driver OS.

This is the spiritual successor to my previous article, "Setting Up a VM, Step by Step".

By default it sets up a copy of my PuPHPet app. Simply add an entry in local hosts, puphpet.dev and run $ vagrant up and within minutes you'll have a fully-functioning VM and website!


If you wish to quickly and easily setup your own, custom Vagrant/Puppet VM, go to puphpet.com, my new GUI-based online configurator! Just point, click, and BOOM VM magic in your face!