Codeception extension to support automated testing via sauce labs.

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Last update: 2021-11-23 14:03:30 UTC


Codeception Extension to support automated testing via sauce labs.

Adds test name, build and status information to saucelabs overview.


  • Add the psychomieze/sauceextension composer package to the project's composer.json.
  • Execute composer to update your environment.
  • Add the extension in the codeception.dist.yml as shown in the example.codeception.dist.yml
  • Add the SauceLabs username and access key as shown in the example.codeception.yml
  • Make sure to use SauceLabs as the selenium server in the acceptance.suite.yml
class_name: WebGuy
        - WebDriver
        url: ''
        port: 80
        wait: 1
        browser: firefox
        restart: true
          unexpectedAlertBehaviour: 'accept'
          platform: 'Windows 8.1'
          version: '25'

Note: A full working Codeception example is enabled in this package. Create and/or update the codeception.yml and acceptance.suite.yml within the tests/ directory with your SauceLabs username and accesskey.

Note: This package uses the dist feature of Codeception. Configuration information that is safe to distribute to other developers go in a file with dist in the name. Secret files are ignored by the repo and only available locally.

Secret Public
codeception.yml codeception.dist.yml

Refer to this documentation here for further explanation.