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This is a sample application wich can bootstrap a project based on the PSX framework. You can install it through composer

php composer.phar create-project psx/sample .

More informations about PSX at


In the configuration.php file change the key "psx_url" to the absolute url to the public folder. If you have setup a vhost this is simply the domain. In case you use mod_rewrite you can set the key "psx_dispatch" to an empty value. Therefor you can use the sample htaccess file in the public folder.

Getting started

This sample project uses a RAML specification to describe the behaviour of the API. The RAML file is located at src/Sample/Resource/population.raml. You can change the RAML and JSONSchema files to change the behaviour of the API. The routes file contains the route to controller mapping. The controller files located at src/Sample/Api/Population contain only the actual logic of the API. The business logic is located in a seperate service class at src/Sample/Service/Population.php. All validation handling and formatting is done by PSX. There is also a automatic documentation which is available at public/documentation. The API contains also testcases for each API endpoint which you can run with phpunit.