PSX sample project

v6.0.0 2021-12-28 15:35 UTC



This is a sample application which can bootstrap a project based on the PSX framework. You can install it through composer

composer create-project psx/sample .

More information about PSX at


In the configuration.php file change the key psx_url to the absolute url to the public/ folder. If you have setup a vhost this is simply the domain.

Getting started

In the following a few explanations about the important parts of the API.

  • src/Api/Population/Collection.php
    This is the class which represents the /population endpoint

  • src/Service/Population.php
    Service class which contains the business logic of the API.

  • src/Dependency/Container.php
    DI container which provides the population service

  • tests/Api/Population/CollectionTest.php Contains the PHPUnit test case for the /population endpoint. If you have phpunit installed you can run the tests in the root of the project with the phpunit command.