A library to help with interfacing with a SAML SSO. This does so by wrapping around the onelogin/php-saml package.

2.2.0 2021-10-20 10:58 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-20 10:59:21 UTC


A package to help with integrating with a SAML SSO.

Example Usage

All of the examples require first creating the SAML "client" which has all of the settings. One must create it like so:

$spConfig = new Programster\Saml\ServiceProviderConfig(
    description: "A test service provider",
    loginHandlerUrl: APP_URL . "/auth/saml-login-handler",
    logoutHandlerUrl: APP_URL . "/auth/saml-logout-handler",
    publicCert: file_get_contents(SERVICE_PROVIDER_CERT_PATH),
    privateKey: file_get_contents(SERVICE_PROVIDER_PRIVATE_KEY_PATH)

$idpConfig = new \Programster\Saml\IdentityProviderConfig(
    publicSigningCertificate: file_get_contents(IDENTITY_PROVIDER_PUBLIC_SIGNING_CERT),

$samlConfig = new \Programster\Saml\SamlConfig($spConfig, $idpConfig);
$samlClient = new \Programster\Saml\SamlClient($samlConfig);

I know that seems a bit long-winded, but the client requires a lot of settings to be configured, and I prefer this over expecting the developer to just pass in an array of key/value pairs and expecting them to know what keys they need to set etc.

Once you have the SAML client, you can use it for handling all the requests/responses like so:

Send the user with a signed SAML request to the SSO to log in and then get redirected back to our site with their information:

$returnToURL = "https://localhost/saml-login-handler";

Then use the client to handle the response from the SSO logging in and redirecting back to our site with the user's details:

$response = $samlClient->handleSamlLoginResponse();
$userAttributes = $response->getUserAttributes();
$userEmail = $userAttributes['email'][0];

Use the client to send a logout request to the SSO:

$returnToUrl = 'http://my.domain.com/auth/saml-logout-handler';

Handle the response from the SSO for that logout request:

$ssoLoggedOutUrl = $samlClient->handleSamlLogoutResponse();