A PHP Package to make it easier to manipulate images.

2.1.0 2022-11-26 20:31 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-11-26 23:59:38 UTC


This library aims to make it much easier to manipulate images by providing wrapping around the GD and Image Functions with an object oriented approach.

Wherever possible, methods alter and return a copy of the image passed in, rather than editing the original. However this probably needs further testing/work.

Example Usage


# Include the ImageLib library
require_once(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');

# Load an image for manipulation
$imageFilepath = __DIR__ . '/input.png';
$image = \Programster\ImageLib\Image::createFromFilepath($imageFilepath);

# Crop an image
$rectangle = new Programster\ImageLib\Rectangle(100, 100, 400, 200);    
$alteredImage = Programster\ImageLib\ImageLib::crop($image, $rectangle);

# Crop a 400 x 300 image from the center of the image.
$dimensions = new Programster\ImageLib\Dimensions(400, 300);
$alteredImage = Programster\ImageLib\ImageLib::centerCrop($image, $dimensions);

# Crop an image to get it to a certain aspect ratio, not caring about resolution/size
$aspectRatio = new \Programster\ImageLib\Dimensions(4, 3);
$alteredImage = Programster\ImageLib\ImageLib::cropToAspectRatio($image, $aspectRatio);

# Create a 400 x 300 thumbnail of an image.
# This will shrink and crop as necessary in order to preserve as much of what
# the image shows as possible but will perform cropping instead of stretching
# in order to achieve the thumbnails aspect ratio.
$dimensions = new Programster\ImageLib\Dimensions(400, 300);
$alteredImage = Programster\ImageLib\ImageLib::thumbnail($image, $dimensions);

# Scale an image so that its size is as close to the number of pixels as possible
# This is good if you are taking user uploads and targeting a certain file size.
# E.g. you don't need 4k photos on a dataing app.
# However, this may end up expanding the image if the input is smaller.
$desiredNumPixels = 2000000; // two megapixel
$alteredImage = Programster\ImageLib\ImageLib::scaleToNumPixels($image, $desiredNumPixels);

# Change an image to have the specified dimensions. This will stretch/distort
# the image if necessary to achieve the aspect ratio
$dimensions = new Programster\ImageLib\Dimensions(200, 400);
$alteredImage = Programster\ImageLib\ImageLib::setDimensions($image, $dimensions);

# Shrink the image so that it would fit into a box specified by the dimensions.
# This will preserve aspect ratio and will not distort the image, so the
# resulting image may not fill the dimensions, unlike thumbnail()
$dimensions = new Programster\ImageLib\Dimensions(200, 400);
$alteredImage = Programster\ImageLib\ImageLib::shrinkToFit($image, $dimensions);

# Draw a red rectangle
$red = new Programster\ImageLib\Color(255, 0, 0);
$rectangle = new Programster\ImageLib\Rectangle(100, 100, 400, 200);    

$alteredImage = Programster\ImageLib\ImageLib::drawRectangle(

# After performing your actions, don't forget to save the edited copy to a file!
$alteredImage->save(__DIR__ . '/output.png');