A PHP library for the Glances XML/RPC API

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A PHP library for the Glances XML/RPC API

What is Glances?

  • Glances is a CLI system monitor written in Python

What does this library do?

  • If Glances is run as glances -s then information can be retrieved from it using an XML/RPC API

Read the specification of the Glances API:

Dependencies: Per default, any extensions are useful. But if extensions PHP-Curl, PHP-JSON, PHP-SimpleXML and PHP-XML-RPC are load, then PHPGlances will be more optimal.

Example usage:

  include_once '../PHPGlances/PHPGlances.php';

  $oGlances = new PHPGlances('', 61209);
  $bAlive = $oGlances->pingServer();
    echo 'Can\'t connect to the server';
  } else {
    $res = $oGlances->listMethods();
    echo 'listMethods : ';
    echo '<ul>';
    foreach($res as $item){
      echo '<li>'.$item.'</li>';
    echo '</ul>';

    echo 'getCore : <br />';
    echo 'Core : '.$oGlances->getCore().'<br />';
    echo '<br />';


Version 0.1

  • Initial Release

Version 0.2

  • ADDED pingServer() which return a boolean to check if Glances server is available
  • ADDED Replacement for functions used in Curl / JSON / SimpleXML / XmlRPC (Issue #3)
  • ADDED getError() which return a string with the intercepted error when a function (like listMethods()) return false
  • ADDED setCacheStatus() which permits to disable and enable the cache & getCacheStatus() which permits to get the status (true or false) of the cache

Version 0.3 current