Library to control Jenkins via PHP through JSON api

0.1.5 2021-01-19 15:03 UTC

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Last update: 2021-02-19 15:10:06 UTC


This version of the Jenkins PHP API is based on It's more OOP (means a clearer API) than the original and has some more features.

It wraps the API calls of the Jenkins API.

Getting started

First you need to instantiate the connection:

    $jenkins = new Jenkins('');

If your Jenkins needs authentication, you need to pass a URL like this : ''.

There are always two ways to instanciate an item and get the data you want:

  1. Use the classes directly (new Job('myjob', $jenkins)). In this case you have to instanciate Jenkins first and pass it as second constructor argument.
  2. Use methods of Jenkins: (new Jenkins('myurl'))->getJob('myjob')

Get the color of the job

    $job = $jenkins->getJob("dev2-pull");
    //string(4) "blue"

Launch a Job

Will launch the job and return imidiatly

    $job = $jenkins->getJob("clone-deploy")->launch();

Will launch the job and wait until the job is finished

    $job = $jenkins->getJob("clone-deploy")->launchAndWait();

List the jobs of a given view

    $view = $jenkins->getView('madb_deploy');
    foreach ($view->getJobs() as $job) {
    //string(13) "altlinux-pull"
    //string(8) "dev-pull"
    //string(9) "dev2-pull"
    //string(11) "fedora-pull"

List builds and their status

    $job = $jenkins->getJob('dev2-pull');
    foreach ($job->getBuilds() as $build) {
    //string(7) "SUCCESS"
    //string(7) "FAILURE"

Check if Jenkins is available


For more information, see the Jenkins API.