Provides a plugin to render events from EDM in TYPO3.

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v1.0.3 2023-06-29 13:40 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-29 14:44:01 UTC


A Typo3 extension that interacts with Education Manager (EDM).

Table of contents


Necessary Typo3 Setup

In order for the extension to work properly, there are some things to configure within your Typo3 instance.


Firstly, you should create a root template that defines the following TypoScript constants:

plugin.tx_edm {
    edm {
        url = <URL of your EDM instance>

        auth {
            anonymous {
                clientId = <Client ID of anonymous OAuth app (used to display data)>
                clientSecret = <Client Secret of anonymous OAuth app (used to display data)>

            password {
                clientId = <Client ID of logged-in OAuth app (used to provide a logged-in area for participants)>
                clientSecret = <Client Secret of logged-in OAuth app (used to provide a logged-in area for participants)>

        slugs {
            eventDescription = <Slug of your description type you want to display as the main descriptor of an event>

    // Pageuids can be used to link to specific pages
    pageuids {
        eventSearch = <pageUid of your event search page>
        eventDetail = <pageUid of your event detail page>
        eventEnrollment = <pageUid of your event enrollment page>
        404 = <pageUid of your generic 404 page. Used if no event is found on a detail page>

Create User & User Group

  • In order for the login feature to work properly, an user and user group have to be created.
  • User Group: create an user group called Seminar-Teilnehmer
  • User: create an user called api-teilnehmer and assign it to the user group Seminar-Teilnehmer

Extend Extension

It is possible to further extend the extension for your needs. This can be done either through hooks or by adding to already existing controller actions.