Collection of classes for converting and manipulating colors

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Created and Copyright 2012 by Jarvis Badgley, chiper at chipersoft dot com.

Primal.Color is a standalone micro-library to assist in the parsing, converting and manipulation of colors across various formats.

Currently Primal.Color supports converting between the following formats:

  • RGB (Hex3, Hex6 and css rgb())
  • HSV
  • HSL
  • CMYK

Primal.Color also includes a basic color wheel class for generating collections of colors across a spectrum.

Primal is a collection of independent micro-libraries that collectively form a LAMP development framework, but is not required to use Primal.Color in your own projects.


  • PHP 5.3 or later


coming soon


Primal is released under an MIT license. No attribution is required and you are expected to make alterations. For details see the enclosed LICENSE file.