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    Pressbooks is an open source book publishing tool built on a WordPress multisite platform. Pressbooks outputs books in multiple formats, including PDF, EPUB, web, and a variety of XML flavours, using a theming/templating system, driven by CSS.

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    This theme is named after Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan, who coined the phrase “the medium is the message.” It is designed for academic writing and is also suitable for fiction. Headings are set in Cormorant Garamond, and body type is set in Lora.

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    Aldine is the default theme for the home page of Pressbooks networks. It is named for the Aldine Press, founded by Aldus Manutius in 1494, who is regarded by many as the world’s first publisher.

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    Excalibur is a SWORD protocol client for Pressbooks.

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    A plugin which turns Pressbooks into an LTI provider.