A Laravel Nova Boolean DateTime field.

v1.0.0 2019-01-20 21:04 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-27 18:19:26 UTC


This package allows you to show set/unset states for your date fields as boolean view or badges.

This is how your boolean dates will render:

Dashboard index page

Edit view will let you use the DatePicker as always

Dashboard index page

Detail view will show badges and values

Dashboard index page

Installation Instructions

Install via Composer:

$ composer require pragmarx/nova-boolean-datetime-field

No you just have to use it in your Resources:

use PragmaRX\BooleanDatetime\BooleanDatetime;

And here's some usage examples:

A normal dotted boolean

BooleanDatetime::make('Sent', 'sent_at'),

A badge datetime boolean

BooleanDateTime::make('Delivered', 'delivered_at')

Change colors

BooleanDateTime::make('Bounced', 'bounced_at')
    ->colors('bg-danger text-white', 'bg-lighter text-black'),

Make a less important value a clear badge

BooleanDateTime::make('Opened', 'opened_at')
    ->colors('bg-success text-white', 'bg-warning text-black'),

Change badge labels

BooleanDateTime::make('Clicked', 'clicked_at')
    ->badge('Done', 'Open'),

Hide it from index

BooleanDateTime::make('Clicked', 'clicked_at')