A php implementation to send log-messages to a GELF compatible backend like Graylog2.



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A php implementation to send log-files to a gelf compatible backend like Graylog2. This library conforms to the PSR standards in regards to structure (0), coding-style (1, 2) and logging (3).

It's a loosely based on the original Graylog2 gelf-php and mlehner's fork.

Stable release and deprecation of the original graylog2/gelf-php

This implementation became the official PHP GELF library on 2013-12-19 and is now released as graylog2/gelf-php v1.0. The old library became deprecated at the same time and it's recommended to upgrade.

Since the deprecated library never got a stable release, we decided keep it available as v0.1. This means: If you have a project based on the deprecated library but no time to upgrade to version 1.0, we recommend to change your composer.json as following:

    "require": {
       // ...
       "graylog2/gelf-php": "0.1.*"
       // ...

After running an additional composer update everything should work as expected.


Recommended installation via composer:

Add gelf-php to composer.json:

"require": {
   // ...
   "graylog2/gelf-php": "~1.0"
   // ...

Reinstall dependencies: composer install


For usage examples, go to /examples.


The library is licensed under the MIT license. For details check out the LICENSE file.

Development & Contributing

You are welcome to modify, extend and bugfix all you like. :-) In case you want to use the nifty PhpStorm-IDE, there is an OSS-license for this project, you can use. Just contact me @bzikarsky.


  1. composer, preferably a system-wide installation as composer
  2. PHPUnit
  3. Optional: PHP_CodeSniffer for PSR-X-compatibility checks


  1. Clone repository and cd into it: git clone && cd gelf-php
  2. Install dependencies: composer install --dev
  3. Run unit-tests: phpunit
  4. Check PSR compatibility: phpcs --standard=PSR src tests

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