Simple Image procesing for Laravel 5 - wrapper for intervention/image

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Wrapper for intervention/image


Bundle/Service created for simple dynamic image manipulation (resize for example). Stores manipulated images in cache for better performance.


  • Laravel 5.0 + (this bundle is for Laravel5+ )
  • intervention/image >= 2.3


  • Add to poznet/image your composer.json

composer require poznet/image:dev-master

  • In config/app.php register service in providers (add "Poznet\Image\PoznetImageProvider" to providers)
providers' => [

		 * Laravel Framework Service Providers...

###Usage All paths is relative to /storage/app/ and it's get by Storage Facade (local), so it can be easily change to ftp/scp/Amazon/Dropbox etc.

  1. Resized image in Blade view to get resized image with widh of 450px use code below. Output is cached for 60 minutes with Cache Facade.

<img src="{{route('imagemin', ['width'=>'450','path'=>'logo.jpg'])}}">


Intervention Imagecache Class is licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to contribute.