JsonLD Helper class for Yii2

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0.1.0 2018-04-20 10:30 UTC


Yii2 helper class for registering structured data markup in JSON-LD format.




Add extension to your composer.json and update your dependencies as usual, e.g. by running composer update

    "require": {
        "powerkernel/yii2-jsonld-helper": "*"

##Sample Usage

To let search engines know how to display your website name in search results, you can add the following JSON-LD document somewhere on your landing page:

$doc = (object)[
    "@type" => "http://schema.org/WebSite",
    "http://schema.org/name" => Yii::$app->params['brand'],
    "http://schema.org/url" => Yii::$app->urlManager->hostInfo


You may pass $context as an optional second parameter if you need to use something other than default ["@vocab" => "http://schema.org/"]:

JsonLDHelper::add($doc, $context);

Note that doing so may cause resulting script to not pass validation by the Google's [SDTT] (https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool) - refer this this stackoverflow question for details.

You can also use JsonLDHelper::addBreadcrumbList to add BreadcrumbList schema.org markup based on the application view breadcrumbs parameter. E.g. in the beginning of your layout add:


Finally, you must invoke JsonLDHelper::registerScripts method in the <head> section of your layout, e.g.

    <!-- ... -->
    <?php JsonLDHelper::registerScripts(); ?>
    <?php $this->head() ?>

###Example with nested data:

$doc = [
    "@type" => "http://schema.org/BlogPosting",
    "http://schema.org/mainEntityOfPage" => (object)[
        "@type" => "http://schema.org/WebPage",
        "@id" => "http://example.com/awesome-blog-post",
    "http://schema.org/headline" => "Post Title",
    "http://schema.org/articleBody" => "Post Body",
    "http://schema.org/author" => (object)[
        "@type" => "http://schema.org/Person",
        "http://schema.org/name" => "Jon Snow",
        "http://schema.org/url" => "http://example.com",
        "http://schema.org/sameAs" => [


Note that this extension is just a thin wrapper around lanthaler/JsonLD processor - refer to this library for the full documentation.


Extension is released under MIT license.