Facebook Connector Symfony Bundle for Contao - Basic Version.

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Facebook Connector Symfony Bundle for Contao - Basic Version

Note: From 4th to 11th of April in 2018 Facebook did some sudden API changes. So the module is not working as expected and some features (e.g. event synchronization) may temporarily or no longer possible. These changes affect all Facebook plugins and we are waiting for further communications from Facebook. Currently we can no longer guarantee the further development of the module.

With this module you can easily synchronize Facebook posts with your Contao installation. The module is splitten up into two versions. The basic version you can find here and a "Pro Version" with additional features. If you interested in the professional version, please contact us:

This is the symfony bundle for Contao 4. The version for Contao 3 you can find on

What's included

Here is a short overview what you can do with the module:

Basic Version

  • download posts of your facebook page
  • download the posts manually or automatically
  • transfer images of the posts in the contao filesystem
  • maintain your posts in the contao backend
  • show your posts in frontend with a content element

Pro Version

  • download Facebook photo galleries and maintain them in contao backend
  • download Facebook events and maintain them in contao backend
  • possibility to integrate events into contao event module
  • possibility to integrate posts into contao news module
  • create/modify post/news in contao and upload them to your facebook page

How to use

  1. Install the module with contao manager. If you install the module manually, you will need the Facebook Graph SDK
  2. Create a Facebook App for your Website on (you need an account).
  3. Enter Facebook APP ID and APP Secret in the settings of the module.


Backend View Module


Post on Facebook


Post in Contao Backend


Post in Frontend Website