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Pop Shipping Component for Pop PHP Framework

2.1.0p1 2017-03-02 15:10 UTC

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The pop-shipping component v2.1.0 is now end-of-life and will no longer be maintained.

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pop-shipping is a component for calculating shipping rates with some of the known standard shipping vendors like UPS, FedEx and the US Post Office. It can also be extended to support other shipping vendors and their available APIs.

pop-shipping is a component of the Pop PHP Framework.


Install pop-shipping using Composer.

composer require popphp/pop-shipping


Creating a shipping object

Of course, using any of the shipping adapters will require you to have a registered account with the shipping vendor:


The FedEx API utilizes SOAP, so you'll have to obtain a copy of the WSDL file and point to its location on your sever:

use Pop\Shipping\Shipping;
use Pop\Shipping\Adapter\Fedex;

$shipping = new Shipping(

The UPS API utilizes basic XML under the hood:

use Pop\Shipping\Shipping;
use Pop\Shipping\Adapter\Ups;

$shipping = new Shipping(
    new Ups('ACCESS_KEY', 'USER_ID', 'PASSWORD')
US Post Office

The US Post Office API utilizes basic XML under the hood as well:

use Pop\Shipping\Shipping;
use Pop\Shipping\Adapter\Usps;

$shipping = new Shipping(
    new Usps('USERNAME', 'PASSWORD')

Using the shipping object to get the rates

use Pop\Shipping\Shipping;
use Pop\Shipping\Adapter\Ups;

$shipping = new Shipping(
    new Ups('ACCESS_KEY', 'USER_ID', 'PASSWORD')

// Set the 'ship to' address
    'address' => '123 Main St.',
    'city'    => 'Some Town',
    'state'   => 'LA',
    'zip'     => '12345',
    'country' => 'US'

// Set the 'ship from' address
    'company'  => 'Widgets Inc',
    'address1' => '456 Some St.',
    'address2' => 'Suite 100',
    'city'     => 'Some Town',
    'zip'      => '12345',
    'country'  => 'US'

// Set the package dimensions
    'length' => 12,
    'height' => 10,
    'width'  => 8
], 'IN');

// Set the package weight
$shipping->setWeight(5.4, 'LBS');

// Go get the rates

if ($shipping->isSuccess()) {
    foreach ($shipping->getRates() as $service => $rate) {
        echo $service . ': ' . $rate . PHP_EOL;

The above example will output something like:

Next Day Air: $36.70
2nd Day Air: $28.84
3 Day Select: $22.25
Ground: $17.48