This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Pop Payment Component Pop PHP Framework

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The pop-payment component v2.1.0 is now end-of-life and will no longer be maintained.

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pop-payment is a component for processing payments via some of the known payment processing gateway vendors. It can also be extended to support other shipping vendors and their available APIs. Currently, the built-in supported vendors are:

  • Authorize.net
  • PayLeap
  • PayPal
  • TrustCommerce
  • USAEPay

The main idea is the "normalize" the the fields across the adapters so that the main interface has common fields that are "translated" into the fields required for the selected adapter's API. So, instead of having to worry that Authorize.net's credit card field is called x_card_num and USAEPay's credit card field is UMcard, you just need to worry about the field cardNum and it'll be mapped correctly to the adapter. The main common fields are:

Common Fields
amount city shipToLastName
cardNum state shipToCompany
expDate zip shipToAddress
ccv country shipToCity
firstName phone shipToState
lastName fax shipToZip
company email shipToCountry
address shipToFirstName

pop-payment is a component of the Pop PHP Framework.


Install pop-payment using Composer.

composer require popphp/pop-payment


Creating a payment object

use Pop\Payment\Payment;
use Pop\Payment\Adapter\Authorize;

$payment = new Payment(new Authorize('API_LOGIN_ID', 'TRANSACTION_KEY'));

Using the payment object to process a transaction

$payment->amount    = 41.51;
$payment->cardNum   = '4111111111111111';
$payment->expDate   = '03/17';

$payment->firstName = 'Test';
$payment->lastName  = 'Person';
$payment->company   = 'Test Company';
$payment->address   = '123 Main St.';
$payment->city      = 'New Orleans';
$payment->state     = 'LA';
$payment->zip       = '70124';
$payment->country   = 'US';



if ($payment->isApproved()) {
    // If approved
} else if ($payment->isDeclined()) {
    // If declined
} else if ($payment->isError()) {
    // Some other unknown error
    echo $payment->getMessage();