Create Multi-Domain Self-Signed SSL Certificates

1.1.0 2014-04-20 05:21 UTC


A tool for creating self signed multi-domain (and wildcard) SSL certificates for the purposes of development! For production you should use certificates verified by a third party.


Normally you would have remember and do this of all on the command line:

openssl genrsa -out multidomain.key 2048
openssl req -new -key multidomain.key -out multidomain.csr
echo "subjectAltName=DNS:first.com,DNS:*.second.com,DNS:another.io,IP:" > domain_extensions
openssl x509 -req -in multidomain.csr -signkey multidomain.key -extfile domain_extensions -out multidomain.crt -days 10000
rm multidomain.csr domain_extensions

That's difficult. So instead we use PHP, and we don't even need openssl. It works on Windows computers too!


composer require polycademy/sslcreator:*


Doing this:

sslcreator primary.com secondary.com *.wildcard.com -f multidomain -b 2048

Results in this:

Registering these domains:
    - primary.com
    - secondary.com
    - *.wildcard.com
Generating Key Pair
Generating Certificate Signing Request
Signing the Certificate
Saving Key and Certificate at Current Working Directory
Saved as:
    - ./multidomain.key
    - ./multidomain.crt

Need a lot of domains? Just point to a JSON file.

sslcreator -j ./domains.json -f multidomain -b 1024

The JSON file needs to be:



sslcreator -h