PSR-4 Composer Package

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Last update: 2022-06-06 19:09:09 UTC


A base PHP project structure using the PSR-4 standard.


PSR4-Template is a base PHP project structure that implements the PSR-4 standard. The project files are autoloaded using Composer.


In order to use the template just clone the git repository to your machine and run composer install.

$ git clone git@github.com:cringer/psr4-template.git
$ cd psr4-template
$ php composer.phar install


Create any classes in the /src folder with the App namespace and they will be autoloaded and available for use.

Issues - how to help?

If you find any bugs, issues errors or believe we could add further useful functionality let us know via the github issues page for this project here - https://github.com/cringer/psr4-template/issues.


Here's a list of people who have helped by contributing to this project to date: