Thread notification management library for code using the pthreads extension

0.1.3 2020-08-28 22:19 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-11-23 11:34:07 UTC


Event-driven thread notification management library for code using the pthreads extension

Use cases

This library allows a parent thread to conveniently process notifications from an array of child threads, firing callbacks when a notification is received. In essence, this library allows you to simulate the select() call, but for threads instead.


class SleepyThread extends \Thread{
	/** @var \pocketmine\snooze\SleeperNotifier */
	private $notifier;
	/** @var \Threaded */
	private $buffer;

	public function __construct(\pocketmine\snooze\SleeperNotifier $notifier){
		$this->notifier = $notifier;
		$this->buffer = new \Threaded();

	public function run() : void{
		$stdin = fopen('php://stdin', 'r');
			echo "Type something and press ENTER:\n";
			//do whatever you're doing
			$line = fgets($stdin); //blocks until the user enters something

			//add the line to the buffer
			$this->buffer[] = $line;

			//send a notification to the main thread to tell it that we read a line
			//the parent thread doesn't have to be sleeping to receive this, it'll process it next time it tries to go
			//back to sleep
			//if the parent thread is sleeping, it'll be woken up to process notifications immediately.

	public function getLineFromBuffer() : ?string{
		return $this->buffer->shift();

$sleeper = new \pocketmine\snooze\SleeperHandler();

$notifier = new \pocketmine\snooze\SleeperNotifier();
$thread = new SleepyThread($notifier);
$sleeper->addNotifier($notifier, function() use($thread) : void{
	//do some things when this notifier sends a notification
	echo "Main thread got line: " . $thread->getLineFromBuffer();

//don't start the thread until we add the notifier, otherwise we could get unexpected behaviour (race conditions)

	$start = microtime(true);
	//do some work that you do every tick

	//process any pending notifications, then try to sleep 50ms until the next tick
	//this may wakeup at any time to process received notifications
	//if it wakes up and there is still time left to sleep before the specified time, it will go back to sleep again
	//until that time, guaranteeing a delay of at least this amount
	//if there are notifications waiting when this is called, they'll be processed before going to sleep
	$sleeper->sleepUntil($start + 0.05);

	//alternatively, if you want to only wait for notifications and not tick:
	//but from the pthreads rulebook, only ever wait FOR something!
	//this will wait indefinitely until something wakes it up, and then return immediately