0.1.0 2013-06-06 00:35 UTC


A PHP library for connecting to the v3 API. At the moment only tests for shortening URLs have been written as that's all that I need to do, should someone else want to help out that'd be great!


$client = new \Phitly\Client($login, $apiKey);
// Returns a \Phitly\Url object
$url = $client->shorten('');
$urls = $client->shorten(array('', ''));


Phil Nash's ruby bitly library - on which a significant portion of this library was based.


As this library is still under development significant changes may still happen. Specifically, bitly is deprecating the usage of the apiKey parameter so the \Phitly\Client constructor is likely to change to support OAuth2 integration.


Copyright © 2013 Philip Schalm