Dead simple PHP template engine

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Dead simple PHP template engine

Information Description
Author Anton Raharja
Version 1.0.6
Release date 140422
Last update 200204


Using composer by providing or editing composer.json.

Minimum composer.json:

	"require": {
		"playsms/tpl": "1.*"

More information about composer can be found at its website

This package can also be installed without composer. You can simply include the src/Playsms/Tpl.php.

Usage example

An example template file the_page.html:

	<p>This is the title: {{ title }}</p>
	<p>This is the content: {{ content }}</p>
	<p>And this is the data: {{ $data }}</p>
	<p style='background-color: {{ lines.hexcode }}'>Color: {{ lines.color }}</p>

Example PHP file show_page.php using the template file the_page.html:


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$data = 'THE DATA HERE';

$loops = array(
	'lines' => array(
		array('color' => 'Red',   'hexcode' => '#FF0000'),
		array('color' => 'Green', 'hexcode' => '#00FF00'),
		array('color' => 'Blue',  'hexcode' => '#0000FF'),

$tpl = new \Playsms\Tpl;


	'title' => 'THE TITLE HERE',
	'content' => 'THE CONTENT HERE',


echo $tpl->getCompiled();

After compile() you can get compiled content using getCompiled():

    <p>This is the title: THE TITLE HERE</p>                                                                                                                 
    <p>This is the content: THE CONTENT HERE</p>                                                                                                             
    <p>And this is the data: THE DATA HERE</p>                                                                                                               
    <p style='background-color: #FF0000'>Color: Red</p>                                                                                                      
    <p style='background-color: #00FF00'>Color: Green</p>                                                                                                    
    <p style='background-color: #0000FF'>Color: Blue</p>                                                                                                     

For more examples please see examples folder.

Other documents can be found in docs folder.