Laminas Module that provides Doctrine Data-Fixture functionality

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This is fork from Houndog/DoctrineDataFixtureModule.

The DoctrineDataFixtureModule module intends to integrate Doctrine2 ORM Data Fixtures with Zend Framework 3.


Installation of this module uses composer. For composer documentation, please refer to

$ php composer.phar require dkorsak/doctrine-data-fixture-module

Then open config/application.config.php and add DoctrineModule, DoctrineORMModule and DoctrineDataFixtureModule to your modules

Registering Fixtures

To register fixtures with Doctrine module add the fixtures in your configuration.

return array(
    'doctrine' => array(
        'fixture' => array(
            'ModuleName' => __DIR__ . '/../src/ModuleName/Fixture',



./vendor/bin/doctrine-module orm:fixtures:load 

Purge with truncate and without confirmation

./vendor/bin/doctrine-module orm:fixtures:load -n --purge-with-truncate 

Append data instead of delete

./vendor/bin/doctrine-module orm:fixtures:load -n --append

How to inject container into fixtures file


namespace Application\DataFixtures;

use Doctrine\Common\DataFixtures\FixtureInterface;
use Doctrine\Common\Persistence\ObjectManager;
use DoctrineDataFixtureModule\ContainerAwareInterface;
use DoctrineDataFixtureModule\ContainerAwareTrait;

class LoadUser implements FixtureInterface, ContainerAwareInterface
    use ContainerAwareTrait;

     * @param ObjectManager $manager
    public function load(ObjectManager $manager)
        $myService = $this->container->get('my_service');