Bridge library for running Symfony Flex on

2.2.0 2020-12-10 21:08 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-11 00:00:57 UTC


This simple bridge library connects a Laravel-based application to In the typical case it should be completely fire-and-forget.

Laravel prefers all configuration to come in through environment variables with specific names in a specific format. provides configuration information as environment variables in a different specific format. This library handles mapping the variables to the format Laravel expects for common values.


Simply require this package using Composer. When Composer's autoload is included this library will be activated and the environment variables set. As long as that happens before Laravel bootstraps its configuration (which it almost certainly will) everything should work fine with no further user-interaction necessary.

composer require platformsh/laravel-bridge

Note make sure to clear the cache on relevant environments after updating this package.

php artisan cache:clear

Mappings performed

  • If a relationship named database is defined, it will be taken as an SQL database and mapped to the DB_* environment variables for Laravel.

  • If a relationship named rediscache is defined, it will be mapped to the REDIS_* environment variables for Laravel. Additionally, the CACHE_DRIVER variable will be set to redis to activate it automatically.

  • If a relationship named redissession is defined, the SESSION_DRIVER will be set to redis and the REDIS_* variables set based on that relationship. NOTE: This means you must set 2 relationships to the same Redis service and endpoint, as Laravel reuses the same backend connection.

  • The Laravel APP_KEY is set based on the PLATFORM_PROJECT_ENTROPY variable, which is provided for exactly this purpose.

  • The Laravel APP_URL variable is set based on the current route if possible.

  • The SESSION_SECURE_COOKIE variable is set to true if it's not already defined. A environment is by default encrypted-always, so there's no reason to allow unencrypted cookies. This can be overridden by setting the variable env:SESSION_SECURE_COOKIE to 0.

  • The MAIL_DRIVER, MAIL_HOST, and MAIL_PORT variables are set to support sending email through the mail gateway. The MAIL_ENCRYPTION value is also set to 0 to disable TLS, as it is not needed or supported within's network. Note, however, that doing so is only supported on Laravel 6.0.4 and later. On earlier versions you must manually modify mail.php and set encryption to null:

    'encryption' => null,

Common environment variables not set

Laravel provides reasonable defaults for many environment variables already and this library does not override those. They may, however, be customized by setting a variable named env:ENV_NAME. (Note the env: prefix.) The most likely variables to override are listed below for convenience:

  • env:APP_NAME: The human-friendly name of the application.
  • env:APP_ENV: Whether the application is in production or development mode.
  • env:APP_DEBUG: Set true to enable verbose error messages.