There is no license information available for the latest version (1.4.5) of this package.

The PlasticStudio base SilverStripe project installer


Base install for all PlasticStudio projects.


  • branch off /develop
  • use feature/ or release/ branch names
  • merge back into /develop once change is ready to put in master


Describe any noteworthy pieces of functionality specific to this project.

Key Integrations

Such as integrations with a third party via API, upstream or downstream dependencies, etc.

Critical Areas

Critical parts of the project, either from a codebase or business perspective (or both). These are areas of the project that should be checked/tested any time a release is deployed. This could be a detailed release/go-live checklist.

Major Changes

eg, deprecated stuff etc

For example "We've removed DMS from the composer file and added it to the project in order to address the Object issue in php7.3, seeing as the plugin cannot be upgraded without significant structural changes."

Cron Tasks

List any cron tasks that run in the background of this project. These can often get forgotten, especially during migrations between environments.