Icon field for Silverstripe - forked from jaedb/iconfield

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1.3.1 2023-11-22 01:50 UTC


composer require plasticstudio/iconfield


Simplifies the use of icons in a way content authors can set icons without interfering with the asset library. Instead, the web developer provides the icon set which the end-user can use but not manipulate.



  • SilverStripe 4


  • Import the required classes:
use PlasticStudio\IconField\Icon;
use PlasticStudio\IconField\IconField;
  • Set your $db field to type Icon (eg 'PageIcon' => Icon::class)
  • IconField::create($name, $title)
    • $name is the database field as defined in your class
    • $title is the label for this field
  • Add a folder containing icons to your project; icons in this folder will be used by the field as options which you can select. the default location of this folder (as defined in _config/config.yml) is app/client/assets/icons/default. If your project has a public directory, you'll need to make sure the path to this folder is exposed. You can override this global default in your project's own config like so:
  icons_directory: app/client/assets/different/path/to/icons
  • You can also set an icon folder path on a per-field basis by using setFolderName(), eg:
IconField::create('SocialIcon, 'Icon')->setFolderName('app/client/assets/icons/social')
  • Use your icon in templates as you would any other property (eg $PageIcon). If your icon is an SVG, the SVG image data will be injected into the template. To prevent this, you can call $PageIcon.IMG instead to enforce use of <img> tags.