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Import CSV data for Core form extension select options

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1.2.0 2018-11-13 06:57 UTC

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Last update: 2023-05-15 18:03:15 UTC


Important information

There's currently a core bug in ArrayUtility which makes an implicit type cast and therefor no integer or float values are possible as checked/selected default values. See for more information.

So the examples below are only correct after this bug is fixed.

The current result would be that only "Level 4" will get checked/selected as default, because it has a string as value.

What does it do?

The extension adds a new field to the following elements:

  • Single select
  • Multi select
  • Multi checkbox

(all elements where there's a Choices field)

Backend form

You can insert CSV data (see below for possible format and options) in this field. If you save the element, the CSV data is imported as Choices rows.

Backend form after import

(see below for the given data for this result)


Require via composer

composer require "plan2net/form-options-csv"

and activate the extension through the Extension manager.

Possible values in the import field

1: Label 1;1;1
2: Label 2;2
3: Label 3
4: Label 4;;1
5: "Label with ; works too";5;1
  1. Label is set to 'Label 1', value is set to '1' and the option is selected as default
  2. Label is set to 'Label 2', value is set to '2'
  3. Label and value are set to 'Label 3'
  4. Label and value are set to 'Label 4' and the option is set as default
  5. Escape the label with "" (CSV standard) and you can use ; in the text too

The import field is cleared after the form element is saved.

For single select values only the first entry with a selected option is set and ignored for all other entries.