Reads a database and creates the migrations, models, controllers and blades for the tables

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With this package it is possible to auto-generate a lot of needed files if you already have an existing database schema. Files that can be generated:

  • migration
  • model
  • views to view a single model, edit a single model and list all models
  • controller
  • route
  • seeder with existing data


composer require pkeidel/dbtolaravel

DB2Laravel is only active if APP_DEBUG=true or DBTOLARAVEL_ENABLED=true

< Laravel 5.5

As always, add it to your app/config.php:

'providers' => [
    // ....

>= Laravel 5.5

// get you a coffee, you're done


  • visit yoururl/dbtolaravel, for example
  • you can select a configured database connection
  • in the table you can create all files of view a diff to compare the file to an existing one

Filter Tables

Register a filter in your AppServiceProvider.php:

DBtoLaravelHelper::$FILTER = function($table) {
    return strpos($table, 'eyewitness_io_') !== 0 && strpos($table, 'oauth_') !== 0;

Override type mapping

DBtoLaravelHelper::$MAPPINGS = ['enum' => 'string', 'bytea' => 'binary', 'macaddr' => 'string'];