This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A Pyro LDP Administration theme created by Pixney.

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1.4.05 2018-05-31 21:36 UTC


The features has now been introduced to the accelerant default admin theme.

Hjortron Theme

Hjortron Preview

Hjortron - A theme with less margins and paddings

We felt the original Accelerant theme is using too much padding and margins so we decided to simply copy that theme and make some adjustments to it. We generally use less margins,paddings and a smaller font size. But we have also included a setting for you to select what kind of spacing you prefer.

To access this settings, simply go to preferences->themes->hjortron theme->preferences and you can choose from three different options.

To make sure the styling "comes to life" always run php artisan asset:clear afterwards. Do that after installation as well.

How to install it

Streams v1.4

composer require "pixney/hjortron-theme":"~1.4"

Streams v1.3

composer require "pixney/hjortron-theme":"~1.0"

Step 2

Select it as your admin theme in settings

Step 3

Clear cache and assets php artisan asset:clear && php artisan cache:clear