A WordPress starter theme for developer using Timber Library and ACF Pro.

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14.4.2 2022-11-29 10:39 UTC


A WordPress starter theme built with Timber.

Stylesheet is compiled with Node Sass. Visit that link to know how to compile Sass.



  1. Installation
  2. Compiling Sass
  3. Useful Links



  1. Copy this repo to your WordPress theme directory.
  2. Download Edje WP Library plugin and put it into your Plugin directory.


Available in Packagist under the name pixelstudio/edje-wp-theme.

This is our workflow for starting a new project:

  1. Create a directory, put WP Core files in it.

  2. In the root path (where wp-config resides), create new file named composer.json. Put this code below:

      "name": "pixelstudio/new-site",
      "description": "Run the command `composer update` to download all plugins and themes.",
      "authors": [
        { "name": "Pixel Studio", "email": "info@pixelstudio.id", "homepage": "https://pixelstudio.id" }
      "require": {
        "pixelstudio/edje-wp-theme": "~14.1",
        "pixelstudio/edje-wp-library": "~9.0.0"
      "require-dev": {},
      "suggest": {},
        { "type": "composer", "url":"https://wpackagist.org" }
      "autoload": { "psr-0": { "Acme": "src/" } }
  3. Run the command composer update in that directory.

  4. After first run, rename edje-wp-theme so it won't be overriden the next time you run composer update. Also remove pixelstudio/edje-wp-theme in your Composer JSON.

Compiling Sass

  1. Install Node JS if you don't have it yet.
  2. Run npm update in this directory to download all modules.
  3. Open webpack.config.js and change the variable localDomain to fit your localhost domain.
  4. Run npm run dev to watch the Sass files and launch Browser Sync that refreshes the CSS everytime you save.
  5. Before pushing to live, run npm run prod to minify all CSS and JS.

Used In

Here are some websites that uses this theme:

Useful Links

  1. What is Edje Sass?
  2. What is Edje WordPress Library?
  3. What is Edje WooCommerce Library?
  4. How to compile Sass files?
  5. How to debug with mobile browser?