Download Center for TYPO3 (FAL files can be shown in frontend with several filters)

5.0.1 2023-07-05 12:48 UTC


Author: Hoja MA, Sruthi K, Akhil K

Created: 2015-03-31 19:5:7:

Changed: 2023-07-03 16:10:00:00:

Classification: pits_downloadcenter


From version 4.0.0 onwards, internal_type 'file' used as additional field for translated file in sys_file_metadata, has been replaced with FAL.

From version 3.0 [Angular 7] of Download Center extension will work only with TYPO3 7.6 LTS or newer. For older version of TYPO3 Please download the version 1.1.0.

Repository, bug reporting, pull requests, etc is handled via https://github.com/PIT-Solutions-Private-Limited/pits_downloadcenter

Keywords: FAL,Download Center,Download Manager,File Listing,Angular JS

Author: Hoja MA, Sruthi K, Akhil K

Email: sruthi.kg@pitsolutions.com

Language: en


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