Libreria standard Tools

v1.0.1 2015-05-26 05:50 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-06-29 01:07:13 UTC


Travis CI

This is the master branch, containing work in progress on the next release. Do not think that it's a production ready version which you can safely clone into your project. If you want the latest point release, check out the 1.0.0 release

StdLib is a library. Its main purpose is to ease building with Characteristic:

  • Cdn Url Files Static with versioning
  • Managements Environments
  • Tools Class

Quick Start

If you want, you can clone the github repo and get the full codebase to build the distributive or documentation or just to hack something.

If you just want to use StdLib, you need to download the latest distributive archive. After that, consult the StdLib documentation website or the file included in the package.


Long story short: make pull requests from separate branches dedicated for individual features to master. Please see the wiki page about how to contribute to StdLib for details.

Bug tracker

If you find any bugs, please create an issue at issue tracker for project Github repository.


This work as a whole is licensed under a BSD license. Full text is included in the LICENSE file in the root of codebase.