PHP Wrapper to access the Picatic API

v1.0.12 2015-04-28 20:49 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-06 23:43:14 UTC


What you need to know

  • Everything has an interface, everything is pluggable
  • We avoid statics for almost everything to make testing easier
  • There are some odd wrapping functions/classes as a result of our adversion to static methods
  • We break the ideal that static and instance methods operate on those levels.

Our "static" methods are prefixed with "class": classRateLookup

In some special cases, we prefix instance methods with "instance". Usually only when there is a similarly named "class" method.


You can include the latest version of this package by adding "picatic/php-api": "dev-master" to your "require".

How to Use

Get an instance of the API:

$picaticInstance = PicaticAPI::instance();

Configure API with your key:


Find an Event:

$event = PicaticAPI::instance()->factory()->modelCreate('Event')->find(34641);

This returns an instance of Picatic_Event model. If you want to work with it as an associative array, you can call getValues to return an associative array.

$eventAssoc = $event->getValues();

Find a bunch of events:

$events = PicaticAPI::instance()->factory()->modelCreate('Event')->findAll(array('user_id'=>6679));

Update an event:

$event['description'] = 'This is going to rock';