Just a side project after getting tired of hearing people grip out parameter orders and other such nots with build in variables.

1.0.2 2013-08-26 14:38 UTC


PHY\Variable is a small library to address some people's complaints about PHP language problems (which I agree with). In particular, the odd parameter order of different functions due to the underlying libraries that they use. This is just a test to standardize all the core variables into objects.

NOT RECOMMEND FOR PRODUCTION. Or anything else really, again, it's just me putzing around.



use PHY\Variable\Obj;
use PHY\Variable\Str;

 * This is probably the few things that's actually helpful. Although this
 * example is bad since you can have json_decode return an associated array
 * anyways... You can also do the reverse of this (recursive: array => object).
$object = new Obj(json_decode('{"something":"else"}'));
$primativeArray = $object->toArray();

 * Some of the chaining isn't totally useless, especially if you're manipulating
 * a string or array.
$randomString = Str::random(16);
    ->pad(20, '_', STR_PAD_BOTH)
    ->split(0, 14)
echo $randomString;

 * Stupid password encryption (WARNING, IF YOU DO THIS YOU'RE AN IDIOT).
$password = new Str('password');
echo $password->rot13();


People justifiably complain about PHP's awkward parameter order and lack of doing some sweet crap to primitive variables. This doesn't allow you to do that but it at least gets you started with that task by wrapping primitives into objects. Truthfully though, the best answer is just to have a good IDE while PHP continues to work on those issues.


  • PHP 5.4+

Submitting bugs and feature requests

Please send bugs to me via GitHub


John Mullanaphy - - That's it for now...


PHY\Variable is licensed under the DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE - see the LICENSE file for details


People on reddit and also on sites that make quasi decent digs at PHP.


Actually create tests... Sorry, this is pretty old and written before I used to write tests. Also, add more core PHP functions to the objects to hopefully cover all of PHP's primitive variable functions.