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#Phundament 3 - Widgets

P3WidgetsModule provides basic Content Management System (CMS) functionality through a widget container for frontend-editing and a backend for managing widget properties and content.

A widget container tags its contents (widgets) by its id, the current controller and action and optionally also by a request parameter.

When you edit a widget you can specify its type (see config value modules[p3widgets].params[widgets]), its attributes by editing them with a built-in JSON editor and its content by editing it with a built-in ckeditor.

Database schema setup is done easily with yiic migrate.


Addon: In-depth thread about general module management and a Yii-based CMS


  • Yii 1.1.8
  • Database (tested with SQLite and MySQL)


Extract into 'p3widgets'.

Create a webapp by running

cd p3widgts
/path/to/yii/framework yiic webapp .

Import database schema with yiic. Note: This command will create an own migration table for this module, it will not disturb your application migration table! Use your application yiic command.

> protected/yiic migrate \
    --migrationPath=application.modules.p3widgets.migrations \

Add contents from 'p3widgets/config/main.php' to the corresponding part in your application configuration.

return CMap::mergeArray(

Available widgets from Yii, zii and yiiext:

	'modules' => array(
		'p3widgets' => array(
			'params' => array(
				'widgets' => array(
					'zii.widgets.CMenu'                             => 'Menu',
					'zii.widgets.CPortlet'                          => 'Portlet',
					'ext.yiiext.widgets.fancybox.EFancyboxWidget'   => 'Fancy Box',
					'ext.yiiext.widgets.cycle.ECycleWidget'         => array(
																			'name' => 'Cycle',
																			'checkAccess' => 'Admin'
					'CFlexWidget'                                   => 'Flex Widget',
					'ext.yiiext.widgets.swfobject.ESwfobjectWidget' => 'SWF Object',
					'ext.yiiext.widgets.lipsum.ELipsum'             => 'Lorem Ipsum Text',

If you want to add 'checkAccess' to a widget, just use the array notation. Use array key 'name' for the widget name, that appears in the widget dropdown. The array key 'checkAccess' to only allow specific users or groups access to a widget.

Open /p3widgets/default/test or add a P3WidgetContainer to a view.

            'checkAccess'=>false // disable checkAccess feature for debugging, default 'P3widgets.Widget.*'

Note: You should only disable the 'checkAccess' feature for debugging or testing. Make sure containers on the same page have different values for 'id'.


When logged in as 'admin' you should see a grey box around the containers and widgets with admin controls when you hover them. You can drag and drop widgets between containers. To move widgets across pages, edit their values for controller, action or requestParam.

##Widget Examples

Widget class and content


<h1>Hello World!</h1>


<p><img src="" width="75" height="75" alt="" /></p>
<p><img src="" width="75" height="75" alt="" /></p>
<p><img src="" width="75" height="75" alt="" /></p>
<p><img src="" width="75" height="75" alt="" /></p>


<a id="example1" href=""><img alt="example1" src="" /></a>
<a id="example2" href=""><img alt="example2" src="" /></a>
<a id="example3" href=""><img alt="example3" src="" /></a>

Widgets taken from Examples from jQuery demo pages.

##Known Issues

If you have widgets which have a custom assetsUrl property (eg. FancyBoxWidget), it is recommended to set this value to NULL with a skin file, to avoid conflicts with changing values in development and production environment.

Note: If you're using themes, define the skin file in the theme which is active for p3widgets/p3Widget/....

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##Screenshots Backend Frontend


git clone --recursive git:// \
git clone --recursive git:// \
git clone --recursive \

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