Yii media file manager module with ckeditor integration

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0.17.4 2014-08-12 12:35 UTC



  • Yii 1.1.8
  • PHP 5.3


Via github.


Note: You can also place the module and extensions from the download package into your app, run the migration, create the directory and adjust the config manually.

Note: Setup RBAC items to allow access to controller actions.

If you prefer to test this module with a blank Yii web application skeletion follow these steps:

Extract & create webapp

tar -xzf p3media-<SHA1>.tar.gz p3media-demo

For the demo, we'll setup an app skeleton

cd p3media-demo
/path/to/yiic webapp .

Database Migration

Run migration to setup database schema

protected/yiic migrate \
  --migrationPath=application.modules.p3media.migrations \

Directory permissions

P3Media will store its files here:

mkdir protected/data/p3media
chmod 777 protected/data/p3media/

If you want to import local files (e.g. FTP uploads) your should also create the import directory

mkdir protected/data/p3media-import
chmod 777 protected/data/p3media-import/


Include the configuration file provided along with p3media.

return CMap::mergeArray(


Go to the index page of the module


Upload files

Upload your files by selecting 'Add files...' or by drag & drop


Ckeditor Test

Open the ckeditor test page and click on the image icon and then 'Browse server'. Select an image and confirm, the image should be added in your editor.



Under construction

You can retrieve a resized version (see presets in config) of an image by using the 'ID' and the 'PRESET' as URL params



  • Ckfinder replacement for integration with ckeditor
  • Multi-file upload with jquery-file-upload
  • Media presets for easy usage of image
  • CRUDs build with gtc
  • Meta-data enabled (hierarchy, permissions)