Emulating Jasmine's `spyOn` function with UOPZ.

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So you’re calling some legacy function. Maybe it’s even an internal function – it’s microtime isn’t it? You’re writing your tests and you want to make an assertion about how it’s called or stub its behaviour.

You should use Pinkerton.

Pinkerton allows you to spy on or stub the behaviour of functions and methods using @krakjoe's UOPZ extension wrapped up in a port of Jasmine's spyOn function.


function legacy_function($parameter)
    // Do all of the things.

$spy = spyOn('legacy_function')->andCallThrough();
$legacyParameter = 1;
var_dump($spy->mostRecentCall); // [‘args’ => [1]]


$spy = spyOn('legacy_function')->andCallFake(function() {
    return false;
var_dump(legacy_function($legacyParameter)); // false


So you're writing a test for a method that accepts a callable argument. Wellp, you can pass in a Pinkerton spy, call the method with the spy as an argument, and then make some assertions about how it was called.

class FooTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
    public function test_bar_should_call_the_callable()
        $spy = createSpy();
        $foo = new Foo();
        $this->assertEquals($spy->callCount, 1);


 * Spies on the function or method.
 * The function or method is replaced with a handler that will invoke a spy
 * that wraps the original function or method.
 * Note that when spying on a method, the method is replaced with the handler
 * for all instances of the class.
 * @param callable $function
 * @return \Phuedx\Pinkerton\Spy The spy that will be invoked instead of the
 *  function or method
function spyOn($function) {}

 * Stops spying on the function or method.
 * The original function or method is restored but the spy is unaffected.
 * @param callable $function
 * @throws \InvalidArgumentException When the function or method isn't being
 *  spied on
function stopSpyingOn($function) {}

 * Creates a spy that doesn't wrap a function or method.
 * @return \Phuedx\Pinkerton\Spy
function createSpy() {}


Pinkerton is licensed under the MIT license and is copyright (c) 2012-2014 Sam Smith. See the LICENSE file for full copyright and license information.