Core tasks for Taskman.

1.1.1 2019-08-16 19:26 UTC


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Taskman Core Tasks

Taskman Core tasks.

Default tasks

Task Arguments
append file, text
append.php file, config
chgrp file, group, recursive (false)
chmod file, permissions, umask (0000), recursive (false)
chown file, user, recursive (false)
concat files, to
copy from, to, force (false)
mirror from, to
mkdir dir, mode (0777)
prepend file, text
prepend.php file, config
process from, to
remove file
rename from, to, force (false)
replace file, from, to
symlink from, to, copyOnWindows (false)
touch file, time (current time), atime (current time)
write file, text
run command (will run ./vendor/bin/taskman [command])