Generates signatures for phpMussel using main.cvd and daily.cvd from ClamAV.

v2.0.0 2022-11-20 06:23 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-24 13:27:52 UTC


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Generates signatures for phpMussel using main.cvd and daily.cvd from ClamAV.

How to install:

Before installing, please check the requirements. If these aren't met, SigTool won't operate correctly.


  • For SigTool <= 1.0.2: PHP >= 7.0.3 with phar support (PHP >= 7.2 recommended).
  • For SigTool 1.0.3: PHP >= 7.0.3 (PHP >= 7.2 recommended).
  • For SigTool v2: PHP >= 7.2.
  • All versions: At least >= 681 MBs of available RAM (but, at least >= 1 GB is strongly recommended).
  • All versions: Approximately ~300 MBs of available disk space (this number may vary between iterations of the signatures database).
  • All versions: Ability to operate PHP in CLI-mode (e.g., command prompt, terminal, shell, bash, etc).

The recommended way to install SigTool is through Composer.

composer require phpmussel/sigtool

Alternatively, you can clone the repository, or download the ZIP, directly from GitHub.

How to use:

Note that SigTool is NOT a web-based PHP application (or web-app)! SigTool is a CLI-based PHP application (or CLI-app) intended to be used with terminal, shell, etc. It can be invoked by calling the PHP binary with the SigTool.php file as its first argument:

$ php SigTool.php

Help information will be displayed when SigTool is invoked, listing the possible flags (second argument) that can be used when operating SigTool.

More information can be found in the documentation herein.


Last Updated: 21 November 2021 (2021.11.21).