Ajax- and API-router for Micro-Framework HLEB

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Radjax (fast Ajax- and API-router)

The Radjax is not included in the original configuration of the framework HLEB, so it must be copied to the folder with the vendor/phphleb libraries from the repository or installed using Composer:

$ composer require phphleb/radjax

Connection to the project in /routes/ajax.php or /routes/api.php

Radjax\Route::get("/info/", ["get"], "App\Controllers\TestController@index", ["protected"=>false, "autoloader" => true]);

// and advanced customization

Radjax\Route::get("/weather/{y}/{m}/{d}/{h?}/", ["get","post"], "App\Controllers\TestController@weather", ["protected"=>true, "where"=>["y"=>"[0-9]+", "m"=>"[0-9]+", "d"=>"[0-9]+", "h"=>"[0-9]+"], "session_saved" => false]);