Convert CSS selectors to XPath queries.

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A lightweight and dependency free CSS to XPath translator. This repository is used to bring modern DOM functionality like querySelectorAll() to PHP in the PHP.Gt/Dom project.

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Example usage

use Gt\CssXPath\Translator;

$html = <<<HTML
		<input name="name" />
		<input name="code" />
	<button name="do" value="submit">Submit code</button>

$document = new DOMDocument();

$xpath = new DOMXPath($document);
$inputElementList = $xpath->query(new Translator("form>label>input");

Using this library with XML Documents

To correctly work with XML documents, where the attributes are case-sensitive, pass false to the htmlMode property of the constructor.

$translator = new Translator("[data-FOO='bar']", htmlMode: false);

It's perhaps worth noting that for XML-style matching to work, you must load the document content with DOMDocument->load/DOMDocument->loadXML instead of DOMDocument->loadHTMLFile/DOMDocument->loadHTML, as the HTML loading methods automatically convert the tags and attribute names to lowercase. This is handled automatically when using PHP.Gt/Dom.