Collection of base components for usage with phpflo

v1.1.0 2017-03-26 14:08 UTC

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If you need reusable components for your next flow, this is the place to find them! As you might have guessed, the focus lies on reusability and simplicity, just like the flow-based programming paradigm suggests. Contributions are welcome!

This project belongs to phpflo.


Since components are now decoupled from phpflo main repo for easier contribution and also separate usage, you now need to install via composer:

$ <your-project> composer require phpflo/phpflo-component

This also gives you the opportunity to leave out components as a dependency for phpflo projects where you don't want the class-overhead.

Running the examples

File line count using embedded PhpFlo:

$ ./examples/linecount/count.php somefile.txt

Using FBP definitions:

$ ./examples/linecount/countFromFbp.php somefile.txt

Using JSON definitions:

$ ./examples/linecount/countFromJson.php somefile.txt